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"This book is simple yet powerful. Full of beautiful comparisons, it helps children understand abstract concepts and feelings, while reminding adults of the simple truths about God that really matter. I love the feeling of peace I get each time I read it."

-Tori Tonnemacher

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A conversation between friends, one small and one large, leads to the answering of some of life's greatest questions: Who is God? And where can you find Him? This story helps seekers both young and old by taking them on an adventure that ends with a beautiful and comforting message.


"I love this book! It has such a sweet message that is so uplifting and is just what I needed during such a difficult time. I was so excited to share this book with my children and they read it often. The pictures are beautiful and help bring the story to life. I highly recommend this book, and the best part is that it is great for all ages."

-Danielle Nielson

In what I hope to be the first in a series of books, I would love to introduce A Boy and His Elephant. The creation of this story began in the summer of COVID-19. Like many others, I discovered the usual events and daily activities missing from my calendar. As a result, I was able to spend the warm summer days in Cache Valley exploring some of God’s greatest gifts. This inspired me to create a simple message that rings true for all ages. Amid a time of uncertainty and controversy, there are still greater questions that need answering, and so I have aimed to do that in the simplest way I know. As I have grown older, I have realized that just because life gets increasingly more complex, the answers do not need to do so. In fact, there is purity and relief in simple, hopeful answers. This story comes from confronting a personal endeavor in which I’m sure I am not alone.


When I was younger, I experienced times of frustration and discouragement because everyone around me seemed to already have intimate relationships with God, while I was still searching for my connection to Him. Eventually, I was able to build my knowledge of Him and form my own connection to our Father in Heaven. I learned that everyone has a unique relationship to God, and we all come to know Him through our own special way. I encourage all to seek Him, and you will find Him on your own time and in your own special way.




Ethan Watson

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