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About Us

- Ethan Watson, Author -

Ethan grew up in Logan, Utah, where he also graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education. He’s happy to continue calling himself an Aggie as he is now in the process of completing a four-year graduate program to pursue a career as a pediatric audiologist. Ethan has always had a special connection to children and has a unique way of making them feel heard while addressing their individual challenges. In his spare time Ethan loves to be outdoors, either on the golf course or on the ski slopes. He plans to continue writing with hopes of creating a series of books addressing some of life’s more complex questions with the simplest and sincerest answers.

Ethan L Watson- Author of A BOY and His ELEPHANT Book
- Jessica Talbot, Illustrator -

Jessica grew up in Preston, Idaho.  She attended Utah State University where she graduated

with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.  During her time at Utah State University, she married her amazing husband, Zac.  Jessica now teaches 6th grade at an elementary school in Smithfield, Utah.  She loves teaching her fun and fabulous 6th grade students. Jessica has always loved to draw and create in her spare time.  She also enjoys many outdoor activities including, hunting, fishing, and wakeboarding.  She hopes to continue to teach and inspire children while also using her talents to help others and bring joy to her life. 

Jessica Talbot - Illustrator of A BOY and His ELEPHANT Book
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