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"I think that so many feel like there is something wrong with them because they don't recognize the Spirit or  know God. This book comes at the perfect time when we need to understand that finding your relationship to God is very personal and unique yet much simpler than most think it should be. This book is beautiful in thought and presentation! I loved it!"

- Sara Poulsen

"I loved this book."

-Meg (age 9)

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"I love the sweet and simple message in this book! In order to know our Heavenly Father all you have to do is look around you to see or hear Him. In your moments of sadness He can bring you joy. The pictures are beautiful and this book is definitely a fan favorite at our house."

-June Skidmore

"I like the relationship between the elephant and the boy."

-Tess (age 11)


"This is the perfect book for children or anyone that is looking for God. I loved it! And the drawings are fantastic."

- Cindy Burbank


"A sweet and endearing book with beautiful illustrations. A great message to readers of all ages of how to find God all around us."

-Shana Winder


"What an awesome way to teach kids about God's love for us! We love El! The illustrations are phenomenal and captivating, and the message encourages great conversations with our kids. Definitely would recommend for all during these challenging times."


-Ryan Tonnemacher


"This is a really great book. Very sweet, and simple."

Pierce (age 14)

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"We love the book! It's a weekly read, sometimes daily. I love the message it has and the pictures are stunning. 5 stars for sure!"

-Jamie Christensen

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"This story is a wonderful metaphor about God and how much He has given us and how much He loves each of us."

Jill P. 

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